What makes school and education such an impactful topic is the idea that education is not supposed to be enslaving and restricting, but education is made to create an active, and productive person in society. Many teachers in today’s education career are flipping the roles. One teacher from my previous school said that his goal is “not to create the smartest man in the world, but the most genuine and kind”. While this may seem cliche and free bird style, he was right. School should not just fill the minds of students with useless equations and outdated facts, but rather teach students how to participate in society.

More and more students in this country are becoming involved in gangs, drugs, drinking, and choosing to drop out of class. Why? Because, school is no longer intriguing. Students want to get involved and feel accomplished, and they no longer want to be graded on what they have learned, but rather shown what they have developed. This is a major point in Bud Hunt’s “Centering on Essential Lenses” article. He says “Students learn more and better and fuller and richer when they are making something to demonstrate their learning.  Or making something to share their learning.  Or making something to help them understand their learning.” This means that students want and need to prove their intelligence not by filling in one hundred bubbles in forty-five minutes, but rather by showing in a tactile way.

When you ask a student what they want to be when they grow up…why is this just a question why do we not make it a reality? If a sixteen-year-old girl tells her mother that she wants to be a pediatric surgeon, the school should allow her to focus on anatomy, chemistry. sociology, and English skills. And if your fourteen-year-old son wants to prove himself as an NBA basketball star, he should have a focus on agility, sports and rec, and physical education. If we nurture the passions of our students we will have more success in the classroom and a lower drop-out rate. Logan LaPlante discusses Hack-Schooling in his TED talk. He is educated online and works directly into feeding his passion, skiing. While this is what schools should be doing, I still believe that students should learn among their peers. This promotes socialization and a chance for creativity and collaboration.

School and education may not be changing anytime soon, this does not mean teachers cannot change their classroom. All it takes are people like my old teacher who realize that education is so much more than the area of a triangle, or how to transition a paragraph. Education is made to build a person who will shape the future of this world. Nurture them, allow creativity, and establish relationships. That is education.


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