There is one place in my life where I really need to work on some “independent” building. While it is not required for a field in English Education, I plan on finding a job in a private school one day as that is how I was educated. My Independent Learning Project will be to learn more about the Catholic Faith and seek out a stronger, and more influential relationship with God. Religion is a hard topic especially when you are learning it alone. I grew up in a Catholic family, went to Catholic school, and never wavered in my faith. When I got to Chadron I found it hard to make it to mass every Sunday, become involved in some things that I thought I would never do, and even losing some of my prayer life.  For this project, I plan on working hard to re-establish that faith and relationship that was once so strong.

Because faith is such a hard balance between knowing yourself and knowing God I plan to spend at least 1 hour a week journaling in a prayer journal. In this journal, I will express my anger, happiness, prayers, and experiences throughout the week. While I will keep most of the journal contents private I will plan to share some of the less confidential posts to keep you updated. I will also keep a calendar and mark the Sundays in which I attend mass. When I do not go to mass I will document my feelings that day and what caused me to miss mass.

I would like to also start reading the Bible and developing thoughts about it in the journal. I have read quite a bit of the Bible, but I have also skipped over quite a bit as well. I would like to further my reading and look into some aspects of the Bible that I have yet to discover. I know that my education has brought me a long way in the meaning and aspects of the Bible, but I think individually learning about its meanings would really help me grow in my faith. I hope to spend about 2 hours a week looking at the Bible and discovering areas that I have never delved into.

When this project is over I hope to have developed a relationship with God that can withstand the length of this course and that I can build on for the remainder of my life. IMG_6113.JPG