Bhutan is a small country smushed in between China and India. While you may have never heard of this place before…but it is about to make worldwide news. Bhutan has gone completely carbon neutral and actually has advanced to carbon negative. An ordinance from the government says that their land must always be under the cover of trees. Cutting down trees is more than illegal in this country. Also, the use of cars, factories, and other wastes are not necessities in this country. They have advanced enough into the use of electric cars…but they do not focus on materials but rather the reduction of this world’s carbon creation. Obviously, this is a small step to recovery, and all countries would need to participate in order to create a carbon neutral world, but this one small step actually alters the world’s carbon production more than you know.

Although being carbon neutral is a great discovery…that is not why I chose this talk. If we think about one country’s ability to alter the entire world…what if one teacher could change education as we know it? One of the biggest issues facing education today is individualism. Common Core was developed to take care of all students in the same grade no matter where they stand. But what about the advanced learners, and the slow responders. I do not know that I would have ever graduated third grade if I was taught using Common Core. Multiplication was already hard enough for me without the added pressure. While Common Core keeps education equal…which may seem like the right idea how far will we go? The reason education is not equal is because students are not equal. A doctor, astronaut, marine biologist, teacher, and cosmetologist should not be taught equally. In fact, if they were we might have a doctor who has been taught how to control a classroom, and how to cut cuticles but has been neglected the right to become fully proficient in his profession. It would be great to have all of these skills but what makes a doctor so great is that they have been taught how to be a doctor. A student should be taught how to be a student, their own student, not how to fall in line with the others.

I hope that I can change my classroom, no testing that aligns students by their ability to sit still and fill out bubbles for hours on end, no moving unprepared students along, and no holding back when one succeeds, and no killing creativity. My wish would be that I am not the first to change the classroom, my wish would be that by the time I am a teacher the classroom has already been transformed. In a world filled with follows…someone must stand up to be a leader.