For as long as I can remember I have been reading stories from the bible. In day-care, my nanny would read us stories before nap time, and every Sunday ay mass I would hear a new gospel. At the age of four I began school at the Catholic, private school in Rapid City, and until last year was never without a Religion class. I have probably read the Bible front to back or at least heard it, but I have never paid attention to the true depth of it. It was always just a book of stories, but what if it was a book of lessons and enlightenment? As I began reading Genesis, A story that I have heard over and over and over again, I noticed so many aspects that I had not realized. Genesis is not a true alignment with what really happened in creation. A day during the creation could have been over 6000 years…we don’t really know. Think about the dinosaurs…they obviously roamed the earth before humans, but they could not have lived and died in one day. So, therefore Genesis’ seven-day creation story could have stretched for hundreds of years. 

In my five hours of ILP time I began reading the Bible, recognizing and noting the changes that I saw, and journaling about my findings. I also began a daily journal where I write about my day, what I am thankful for, and how things did not go my way. I try not to get too case one would ever steal my journal, but I enjoy writing prayers for the day, or personal notes for myself. I am also about to begin a book called “Inventing Hell” this book discusses eternal damnation, and the rendition that is Dante’s Inferno. Hell is such a huge part of religion that we all turn a blind eye to, but what if we were to look it dead in the eye and discover more than we ever knew. I am very interested in the aspects of Hell and why we never really hear much about it . Especially in the Bible.

So far, things have been going very well for me. I am discovering a lot about myself. My first Sunday is coming up and I will be attending mass as well as journaling about my experiences. Mass becomes so much more when you open your mind and focus on each reading…even a single word in a reading. 

I am excited to see where this ILP takes me!