Personal learning networks are a great way to open yourself up to new ideas and collaborate with others on media. The meaning of a PLN is that an educator will create a series of collaborations that make them stronger and more advanced educators. In my case, I am looking to create a PLN that will help me on my journey to becoming a teacher. My PLN is focused on my three passions that I will be pursuing in the future. My first focus is on education. I followed many teachers, foundations, and education clubs on twitter. Some of them I believe in and others I have a hard time relating with. By creating a diverse PLN I can better understand the opinions of others and learn how to collaborate and compromise for the differences. My second PLN topic is English/Literature. This was quite a bit harder…I could not find much on literature. I decided to follow a Shakespearian account and some other philosophical accounts that contain a lot of information and quotes about literature and writing. My final PLN topic is coaching…specifically, cross country and track. Sports have always been a huge part of my life. From playing to watching, to coaching, and everything in between I have found a great passion in the game. I decided to follow some account associated with running. Some are more general and allow for humor and statistics, and others give segway into coaching at the collegiate level and coaching younger athletes as well. I love the idea of being an active parent, teacher, and coach…and I hope that my PLN will help guide my future in that direction.


Some of the challenges that I may face while taking this path are: stress, busy, uneducated in some areas, and a distinction between school, and sports. Some students find that they form a relationship with their teacher and their coach. A coach has a more mother/father relationship with their athletes while a teacher has a more professional and guardianship relationship. As a teacher, I would have to maintain that status in the classroom and understand when I need to play teacher and when I need to play coach. This is extremely important because you cannot show favoritism and lack of effort on either side of the frame.

In the article…”How to Cultivate a Personal Learning Network” I discovered how to discover and not just follow. I was also enlightened on the idea that you should cycle around followers and accounts. While keeping your first account you should add a few accounts every once in a while so you keep growing your network. You should also interact with your network. If you find information that you would like to share, share with your network. This way you can collaborate with all the learners rather than simply learning from them.

I cannot wait to further my knowledge as a teacher, English lover, and athlete. I hope to learn so much and collaborate continuously with my network.