If you could take a trip to any place in the world…or even out of the world, where would you go? Mexico, London, Africa, the moon? Maybe you would go to heaven…see Jesus, see the angels, and live in complete peace for a week. If I could pick…I would go to Hell. Why? Upon reading about Hell I have come to be insanely intrigued by the mysteries surrounding Hell. The truth is that Dante has no idea what Hell looks like, but how should we know that it is filled with fire, ice, spiders, snakes, or your worst fear? I spent this week researching about hell, and reading my new book “Inventing Hell”. While it is a frightening topic to discuss if you look at it as a place rather than an eternity it becomes much less scary. I think that Hell is our own personal torment. My Hell would be filled with snakes and spiders, but some people have a love for those creatures so they would experience something much different. While I will not reveal all my fear on this public blog I know that my Hell would be a terrifying place. So why would I want to go there? We ofter call our lives a living hell when we have a bad day, get a bad grade, are sick, or someone close to us passes. We have this idea that we can compare our pain here on earth to the pain felt by those in hell. But the truth is…we have no clue. Imagine how grateful and moral we would be if we spent a day in our very own hell? Imagine the sin in this world…sinners would repent, and the good would be better.

I really don’t like the idea of spending even a second in hell, and the truth is given the opportunity, I would probably just go to London for a week. But upon learning about Hell you begin to wonder who you would be if you had actually walked through the belly of hell. How would you act differently, would you be a better person, would you sin, would you repent? We as humans over exaggerate our circumstances because we do not take a second to realize that there are others out there who have much worse lives than we do. There are children starving, women being sold by men, and families hovering in their homes waiting for the next bomb to drop. There are people living in hell every single day…so the next time you think to say “Today has been hell” think again.