It takes creativity to create a classroom. Educators collaborate constantly to help build the creativity and inspiration in their classroom. I was recently asked to explore the website for ds106 or Daily Create. This website takes you on a rollercoaster of creativity. On the create site you will find mini assignments that teachers and students have created. One example is to find cool graphics around you in daily life and take a picture of your favorite one. You then post your answer on twitter, a blog, youtube, or Flickr, etc. and your answer is shared on the site. This way, the world is collaborating and sharing what they have found.

Ds106 is so amazing. Let me tell you why. The little daily activities that you can participate in are so incredible and really get you looking around. There are so many posters, and signs that we don’t really look at. We don’t pay attention to all the art that is around us. When the assignment for cool graphics was posted people from all over began looking around to find the coolest billboard or advertisement. Some posted art in their bedrooms, and others posted advertisements in a coffee shop. Either way, art was brought out in all that you do, just never notice. There are so many daily creates on the site that could push you out of your box. The topics for create include: audio, video, writing, drawing and photography. This means that you can either choose your favorite creates, or explore different topics to expand your horizons. I would probably excel at the writing and photography topics, but fail miserably when it comes to audio and drawing. But that is what daily create is about. Find your gray area and color it in. Make new discoveries about yourself and excel in your own way.

Here is an example of a daily create.


I think that daily create would be a great tool in the classroom. As a teacher, you could create challenges that pertain to the subject or lesson that you are teaching. This way your students could be working close to the class, but still advancing further into society and what is around you. It is also fun to see what others are doing and what they have found. It is almost like show, and tell, but using social media. I hope that you find daily create to be as influential and fantastic as I did!