I am going to you share a story with you that is very personal and may be uncomfortable to some.

From a very young age, I have had a close connection to my dreams. I can remember insane details of my dreams and can actually control aspects of them. I can easily communicate in all of my dreams and can articulate them the very next day. Some dreams stick with me forever and others fade over time, but my connection with my dreams really ignites my ability to sleep and influences my feelings. I have had dreams where the experience in my dream actually became reality, and also dreams that have shook me so deep into my core that I have not been the same person since.

But this post is about a certain dream that may not seem realistic or true, but I would not make this up and I hope that you can take something from it…because I know I will. Lately, in my life, I have made a lot of big life decisions. One big one was invloving a relationship. I have been struggling with this relationship for some time and I had finally discovered what I want. I am very independent and do not want to rely on anyone, so it has been hard for me to have a serious relationship and give up some of that independence. When I finally decided to return to the relationship I was having a hard time falling asleep. I do not remember falling asleep that night, but I know I had a dream. Now first, you should know that I have had dreams involving the supernatural before. I have been strangled by what I could only classify as a demon, I have been terrorized by a creature running circles around my room, and I have heard voices coming from my dreams as I slowly break from my slumber, but I have never experienced something like I did that night. When the scene settled in I recognized that I was sitting in what seemed like a classroom. There was a man there, but her didn’t look like a normal man. He had extremely broad shoulders and dark hair. His skin was a tan color, but not so humanly tan. And we were talking. He was cunning and handsome in an intriguing way. We were talking about this relationship that I was pursuing and he was explaining to me that the choice that I was making to be with this man was wrong. Now your first instinct may be to think that this man that I was talking to was God…but you couldn’t be more wrong. As soon as I told the man that I was happy with my decision and that I would not be changing my mind, his skin began to pale, and light blue circles formed under his eyes. His face sort of melted together and he became my worst fear. He hissed towards me and the dream ended.

If you did not pick up on who I had just spoken with…it was Satan. Many people may not believe this or may ask how I knew it was him…well trust me when I say this. When you come in contact with a being so malicious and frightening…you just know.

The next day I asked a priest from the Catholic church to come bless my home, but I have to admit that I will never live the same life again knowing that I have talked with the most evil creature of all time. While this is not about reading the Bible or going to mass, this is involving my ILP because the fact that Satan would choose to come into contact with me proves that I am becoming more and more close with God and that throughout this experience Lucifer is attempting to fight me and stop me from finding that relationship that I so longingly desire.