I was not really sure what to expect when I was signed up for this class. I knew it was online and that was about it. I had expected to learn a lot about the boring old tools we always learn about when incorporating technology and diversity in the classroom, but boy, was I in for a shock.

Every day it is something new. A new tool to be used in the classroom, a new site to engage us as learners, or a new assignment that challenges us and guides our learning. This class has brought out a new way of teaching and that is…let others teach you. A teacher is only as great as his or her tools and compassion. When you let others help and apply their own opinion, you are giving students the chance to amplify their learning and connect with someone else. Students need diversity in the classroom, and “diglit” has taught me how to accept that and apply it. I already have so many new tools to use and we are only half way through the semester. I would love to use more TED talks, twitter, and daily create to get my students involved in discussion. If you confine students to the classroom they will never learn the skill necessary for learning correctly and will be biased to all opinions but their own. This kind of student does not change the world but rather burdens it. To create a better tomorrow we must start with our students and give them the tools that they will need to learn and live.

The best part about this class so far is the ILP. Students should learn more about topics that they are interested in and excited to learn. When students are interested they have a better motivation to do their work and do it well. When we were assigned an Independent Learning Project that we had the control to direct, I was excited to see what I could learn. Throughout my life, I have had a very strong faith life, but once college came along I lost a lot of my passion for religion. So for my ILP, I decided to concentrate on getting to know God better and actually reading the Bible. It has been and exciting journey thus far and I cannot wait to integrate what I have discovered into my daily life. I also hope to use an ILP in my classroom in the future.

The most challenging part of this class is the workload. While this a good for college students, I have a hard time keeping up with all of the sites and posts that I have to get done. Twitter, blog, commenting, Feedly, daily create, etc. are examples of one week’s work. This is a lot of work especially when it all correlate to different sites and ideas. But I know that a heavy workload will help me in the future and I have been keeping up pretty weel so far so we will see how I end up.

In the second half of the semester, I hope to learn how to use other tools in the classroom, and also how to apply them in the most efficient and motivational ways. I also hope to stop procrastinating and work harder on my work to receive higher grades.