I cannot say that this is the first time that I have Googled myself. I have been bored enough plenty of times to see if my identity online has changed…safe to say it has not. In High School, I was involved in a lot of activity. Running Cross Country and Track, attending two mission trips to Jamaica and Honduras, and starting a food packing event throughout my school called “Packing Hope”. I was always involved with sports and volunteering which are the first three links you will see when searching “Kelly Cooper” Rapid City, SD.





It is always great to see that all the links that pop up under your name are positive. I have always kept a strong morality when it comes to online view and perception. I would hope that any employer or college looking at my information would find that my online identity is spotless, and I try to keep my actual identity spotless too. I think that my online identity would tell an employer that I am hard working, and care about those around me. Another link that you will find online when searching my name is “Honor Roll” and “Dean’s List”. This shows that as well as being a hard worker, I strive to work hard inside of the classroom. My goal throughout College is to make the Dean’s list every semester and work my way up the educational ladder.

When you click on the images button you will find one image of me. My face was on the front page of the Rapid City Journal once, and that was a picture taken the moment my team found out we won state Cross Country my senior year. Otherwise, there are no other pictures of me online besides the ones that I have posted on social media.


I think a better portrayal of who I am can be found on social media. I do not post a lot of anything, but when I do it usually shows a good sense of who I am. I have a small group of really close friends, and really only post when I take a new picture on my phone, or when there is a birthday. Also, my facebook is really just a conglomeration of funny videos, articles on personal beliefs, or again…birthday posts. I never talk about myself online, and probably never will. I have some strong beliefs, but they would just get lost in the world of opinion so I usually do not share them.

I think my online identity really shares who I am. Quiet, head-strong, religious, dedicated, and generous. I hope those are the attributes that others will see when they decide to look me up online.