I was recently sitting with my boyfriend working on some homework. We were both silently working when he randomly asked me about the Bible. He is Lutheran, but rarely practices the faith and told me that he wished he knew more about the stories in the Bible. I explained to him that the Catholic faith does not believe that every story written in the Bible is true, but rather exaggerated for human understanding. When I began to explain a few of the stories to him, he asked…Why do these things no longer happen in the world? By “these things” he was asking why “crazy occurrences” such as Jonah and the Whale, Lot turning into Salt, or the sick/dead being brought back. I thought about it and remembered…they do happen. Miracles happen every day. Every day people are punished for their wrong doings. And every day people are saved for the goodness they believe.

Because we read so heavily into the Bible it is hard to see the amazing ways that God has interacted with the world today. When is the last time you saw a man rise from his grave? The answer? Never. But the truth of the matter is that people awake from the dead all of the time. Without the machines and ventilators that we have today in modern medicine, anyone claimed to be in a coma would be dead. Therefore, when a man in a coma comes back to life, you could praise the doctors and machines, or you could praise God. People, myself included, often look past the possibility of God contributing to our lives because there are so many distractions.

When a car swerves out of the way just in time to miss an oncoming semi, or a man is only bruised after a horrific accident…we call it a coincidence. But what if you called it an Act of God? Would that change your outlook on life? Watch some of the video below…and decide. Are these really the luckiest people on earth, or was God standing by their side?

This is my new outlook on life. I usually think I am just really lucky when something good happens to me. I once ran a stop sign out of stupidity…right as a garbage truck was pulling through the intersection. He was going fast enough to have really hurt me and my car, but I stopped just in time. I cannot even remember hitting the breaks my heart was beating so fast. Was that God? Who knows? The truth is you never know when God is changing your life. You never know when He is saving you, leading you, or letting you walk on your own. So thank Him each and every day. It is time that we put our luck aside and know who really helped you make that winning half court shot, and who was there when you almost hit another car, and who was there when you survived a rare form of cancer. It is time to Believe.