I have never really listened to a podcast. My coach made us listen to one on competing the day before a state cross country meet, but that is about it. I have never thought of podcasts as mush of a learning device, but after this module, I have decided that I will be using podcasts and digital stories in my classroom. Not only is podcasting another way to help kids learn using different methods, it is a great way for students to access a part of their minds that imitates imagination. Just like reading, podcasts and digital stories let you set the image in your head. No two people are going to picture that same image. Because of this freedom, students become more creative and self-involved.

I could see some disadvantages of podcasting. I think one is that there is a very low number of people who learn aurally. Because of this, some students may find it hard to focus and keep notes during the cast. To help keep kids interested, you should have activities planned, require a test after, or take frequent breaks. Some students may tend to dose off if they are looking at nothing, and only hear the story. Maybe ask them to illustrate the story as it goes, draw the main characters, and get an idea of the setting. This way students can express themselves creatively while basing that creativity towards the podcast. Another con may be that the podcast must be paid for. Often times you have to buy podcasts that relate to the certain areas in which you are discussing, Many schools could afford this technology, but it may seem unnecessary to others.

I think that podcasts would be great for the classroom. They are often exciting, share real-world experience, engage students in deeper thinking, and attract the student imagination. I love the idea of using something different that not many students are aware of. I think that podcasts and digital stories would make a great asset to the classroom, and really help the teacher portray the best message and lesson. I remember listening to the podcast before my race. It had a real impact on me. If you take the time to listen and understand, and relate it to your own life, the true meanings of podcasts will reach each individual. I think every student deserves the best learning, and by applying new tools and ways of insight, students will be receiving the best of the best.