Graphic design is one of my most profound weaknesses. We had to create a story in high school, and all the students had so much fun making videos and writing the stories, but I could not figure it out. I ended up with a roller coaster and an octopus and some woman named Carrie…I really have no idea what it was about, but I do remember being completely confused throughout the project. While I may not ever pursue a career, or project in graphic design, I do think that it would make a great asset to my classroom. I would like to associate as much as possible when it comes to technology, and I think comics would be a great way for students to reenact a reading, poem, or story.

The graphic tool that I decided to use was Bitclips. This online app lead me to Bitmoji which is actually a huge contribution to today’s social media. A Bitmoji allows you to create your own avatar that looks like you, dress them, and use the created designs to present your avatar in different ways. There are hundreds of different designs, and clips that let you apply your avatar to any situation. I have used this app before, but never to create a sort of comic. This time I decided to pick a few designs and connect them to my life. I used pictures from the internet, or my own (poorly done) drawings to help guide the design.

Some of the issues that I found with this app were that you cannot design your own scene. I would like to see the app advance to a graphic design app that allows you to put your avatar in any situation, with any object, or in any device to portray your own feelings rather than choosing from the limited options. I would have also liked to see the Bitclips portion of the app, but for some reason the only one I could find was Bitmoji. While I improvised, I would love to see this change to watch Bitmoji grow into a great graphic tool.

I would now like to share with you a few of my own creations.


(Me, crawling to the end of the school year)


(When you get a bad grade and are trying to get it back up)


(Relaxing anywhere and everywhere possible)


(Me when I see Theo James)

After using this graphic tool, I have decided that I would love to incorporate Bitmoji into my classroom. Maybe by having a weekly creative assignment using your avatar, or even bringing in a different app that allows for the creation of a comic strip. Either way, I think that graphic design should be incorporated into each classroom no matter the subject or age.