I will forever look back on this class and remember Literacy in the Digital Age as the class that changed my life. I am a huge believer in the idea that facts, truths, and history are important, but not as important as making a difference in a student’s life. So, Thank You DigLit for making that difference in mine. Because I was already a religious person, but a struggling one at that, I decided to focus my ILP on bettering my religious life and relationship with God. To begin this process I went to a local bookstore and bought the one book every human should own: The Bible. I bought the cheapest and most flimsy of them because. let’s face it, it is what is inside that counts. I also bought a journal. In this journal, I wrote about life, love, God, and prayers. While I will most likely burn this journal so only the great winds can read my words, I found writing about my life very enlightening, sometimes boring, and always a great wat to reflect. I also bought two books. “Parables” by John Macarthur, and “Inventing Hell” by Jon M. Sweeney. Both books were bought simply because the covers intrigued me, but later served a great purpose in my ILP. Once I had my materials I was ready to get started.

My main goal coming out of this ILP was to make it to Mass every Sunday. I wanted to strengthen my relationship with God to the point where I yearned to be with Him on Sunday’s. While I may still dread getting up on a Sunday morning to go to Mass, I have found it much easier to get up knowing that I had someone waiting for me. That someone is God. I am the kind of person who is motivated by the fact that someone is relying on me. I am always the one to take charge in a group project (usually doing all the work). I worked harder in athletics when someone was hurt because I knew that if I didn’t step up we would not make the podium. And in school when I notice a teacher taking interest in me, I step up my game. I never thought anyone, but myself, relied on me going to Mass…but then it dawned on me. God is relying on my presence. Our going to Mass gives God the fuel necessary to help us and others. If we all stopped praising God, He would flood us again. No, I am kidding, He promised that He would never destruct the world again, although He may want to sometimes. Anyway, God needs us! He needs you! He needs the love that He gives to us to be returned. Once I figured this out, it became easy for me to get out of bed and meet Him at the altar.

Another lesson I learned from this is that the Devil will eat at what you give him. If you open the gap, you can let him in without even knowing it. I opened the gap when I stopped going to Mass. When I stopped relying on God, Lucifer came to the “rescue”. Since the dream encounter that I had with Satan I have become a much more prayer filled person. Any wavering moment I will ask for the intercession of a saint, or of God. When I am struggling with a decision I call Mary the Mother of God. When I have lost something I call on St. Anthony. When I struggle to forgive I call on St. Maria Goretti. And when I struggle with anything that life throws my way I ask for guidance and light from the Lord. The truth is that I need God. If I did not have a relationship with Him I don’t think that I would have made it this far in life. Whenever something good happens to me I thank Him, and when something bad happens I praise His name, and when I hate the path that He put me on, we have a civilized discussion about changing it. I do not expect anyone to understand my relationship with God, as I would not understand yours, but I do encourage you to build one. Whether you are starting from nothing, rekindling the flame, or have already established your place with God and are ready to build upon it, I challenge you to see what is next.

I hope to one day challenge my students with an ILP. I think it is a great way to improve yourself and find something new about yourself. And I hope that they can find the change in their lives the way that I did.