I have never heard of the word “unlearning”, but I have been an advocate for it since day one as an education student. I grew up with a few teachers who use the same information, lessons, and assessments every year. These teachers do not take the time to learn new information or use new technology to present a lesson or help the students learn. Something that has always pushed my buttons is when a teacher does not think that they have anything more to learn. You, as a teacher, should plan on learning something from your students every day. Even of you do not learn something from your students, you must be able to learn from other teachers. Will Richardson states that unlearning is “attempting to understand how these technologies can transform our own learning practice”. If a teacher can simply attempt to learn and adapt to new technology, they will relate better to their students. Students will always be more technologically advanced than the students due to their young age and ability and access to more technology. Because of this fact, teachers need to be constantly on the watch for new technology and new advances to give them an edge in the classroom.

One thing that I have unlearned in this semester is that there is always something new. just when I get the hang of a new technology or find a way to cope with the new websites, something new pops up. One thing that I had my mind set on was that technology should not be the main aspect of the classroom. As an English Major, we will be reading and writing more than anything and my idea was that technology might be a distraction. But this class has shown me that technology can be applied to any subject and any classroom. By the time that I am a teacher, the students will have already had access to more technology than I have ever experienced. One thing that I still need to unlearn is that all of the technology that I am learning about right now will be the stone age technology to my students. So I need to be ready to learn the new technology every year and know that I will always be climbing the tech mountain.

I think that we have all been very active innovators this semester. During this class, we have continuously thought about what we can do for our students and what we can do to help them learn to the best of their ability. I think the most innovative activity that we have done this year has been our ILP. When you teach yourself something you learn so much about yourself and how you learn best. I would like to incorporate that aspect into my class in order to learn the most about my students. “I am an innovative educator and will continue to ask “what is best for learners””. This is a quote from George Couros who talks about being an innovative teacher. I think he really covers what it means to be an actively learning teacher and how each student is different and must be attended too.

All in all, we have learned how to do so much in this class. The main thing that I have pulled from this is that there is always room to learn whether you are the teacher or the student. We must be innovators and unlearners. To be the best teachers, we must learn from those around us, especially our students.