In the education program here at CSC, I have found that the English program and the education program do not correlate. I am hearing in one class that lesson plans, formative and summative assessment, and the grading bell curve is the most important parts of a classroom, and on the other hand, I am hearing that personal and motivated writing is the best way to reach your students. I agree with the latter idea, but how do I pass a class if I am trying to comply with both ideas? The goal of a teacher is to educate and transform students. How am I supposed to transform a student if all I am doing is grading a student and expecting failure out of 20 percent of my students? Dr. B told me that to have a successful classroom, you must have a perfect bell curve. Meaning that 20 percent will fail, and 10 percent will receive A’s. That is so messed up. Students should want to get an A and teachers should strive to pass and give A’s to all of their students. What does failing a kid do for them…? Nothing!!!! It would ruin them! Some kids don’t give a flying fart what grade you give them…but many of them care if you care. If you see a struggling student, it is your obligation to make sure that that student knows you care about them and want them to get an A. What I struggle with is the fact that there are two sides to education. There is the side of grading, bell curve and lesson plans, and the side where relationships and motivation bring A’s. So when I am student teaching, do I focus on the grade or the relationship? Do I focus on the writing or the lesson plan? How do I become successful if my education is not correlating?

I love the idea of being a teacher and having a relationship with students, but until I have my own classroom, I will be tested and observed. How do I pass this testing when I have no idea what the popular opinion is? I know the kind of teacher I wan to be…but who does the state want me to be? Who does the teacher want me to be?