Throughout this class, I have come to discover myself as a reader and writer. I was never much of either until Dr. E got a hold of me. She didn’t know that I did not like to read or write that much, but she didn’t have to. All she had to do is inspire a class of people to read for the sake of reading. And to teach my students that reading just to read is more important than reading for the sake of meeting standards. I have also b=never been given an assignment with no prompt, no standard, no page limit, and no objective. Dr. E just told us to write, and it was refreshing.

I decided to write my big piece about my dad from the point of view of a younger me. My dad is a very interesting man. He has a job that he can’t talk about, that he doesn’t tell anyone about, and that we never heard anything about. He could come home after a very hard day on the reservation, but could never tell us about it. When I was little my dad was just a cool guy, my hero, my dad, but after growing older, learning more about him, hearing about him from others, and wanting to be like him, I have discovered some crazy things about my dad. My dad has convicted more “bad people” than many of the men and women like him in the united states. People on the east and west coasts know about him. he is a beast in the interrogation room often leaving felons in tears, and he has not lost a court case in his entire 27 years on the force. My dad is not a lawyer, he’s not a cop, and he is not a judge. My dad is literally a superhero. I cannot wait to see where my piece goes.