So, this is my first book talk blog, and I would like to discuss a book that I am reading. The book is called the BIBLE…! I started reading the Bible last year for one of my classes, but it takes more than a year to truly delve into the meaning and style of the Bible. I started with the first book of the Bible and moved from there. Some people have this idea that you should read the Bible from New to Old Testament, or start with Genesis and then move to the second book…or the other millions of ways that we should be reading the Bible. So, instead of moving in any direction, I decided to move in order from page one to who knows page 4091. I am currently reading the book of Matthew. Now I won’t lie to you, I have had to skip some dry parts. Some of the books are so repetitive or just difficult to stay awake through so I simply just skip them. In my mind, you do not become a better Catholic by reading the Bible. You become better when you actually care to be reading it. You see, so many people have entered into debates with me saying…I’ve read the entire Bible, so I understand what you believe in, or the Bible says this, so you are a sinner for not following the bible. You cannot argue with these people because they have most likely read the Bible with the intention of having this exact argument. I am reading the Bible with the intention of better understanding the religion that I call my own. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to further their faith life, or willing to spend time studying one of the greatest literary works of all time.